Oklahoma made, American sourced

Baker Sleep was founded in Tulsa, OK by Dr. Roger Baker, who began the business after becoming inspired by the suffering sleep of his patients, his family, and himself — all at the hands of name brand mattresses full of cheaply made and outsourced components.

"Treating people with sleep deprivations, I knew I was one of those victims. The motivation for me was not to make a bed ... it was to find a better way to sleep." - Dr. Baker

Tired of being tired, he set to work deconstructing the mattress industry, and creating the most comfortable and durable mattress he could from the most premium materials available. Every Baker Sleep mattress reflects a commitment to quality, comfort and health.

What makes us different?

We specialize in traditional coil and hybrid latex mattresses, and our 10 year non-prorated warranty is the best in the business. Our mattresses contain absolutely no memory foam or adhesives; each mattress is completely modular.

Why don't we use memory foam?

Memory foam is a synthetic petroleum based product, because of this it breaks down very rapidly in the presence of skin oil and sweat — causing sagging, overheating, and poor sleep. Instead, we use 100% natural latex sheets inside our comfort layers — 100% natural latex is made from the rubber tree, and is the most durable and comfortable natural material available in mattresses today.

Why don't we use adhesives?

Adhesives do two things — trap heat and off-gas.
We hand layer all our support and comfort layers in order to avoid using any glues or adhesives — this allows our materials to sleep cooler and last longer than any other mattress on the market.

What makes our mattresses modular?

Our mattresses are able to be fully deconstructed — which means any component or layer of the mattress can be replaced or upgraded at any time. Baker Sleep is also home to the world's most adjustable mattress, the 3.4

With the 3.4 mattress, each part of your body gets its own firmness level. Whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, this mattress can adjust the support of your head, shoulders, back, hips, and legs to provide perfect spinal alignment.