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We have had our Baker Sleep mattress for 17 months. My body thanks me whenever I lie down or get up. It is absolutely the most comfortable mattress I have slept on. The staff at Baker Sleep worked hard with my wife and I to fit each side of the mattress to to our unique needs. In truth the mattress is really a special, unique mattress made just for us - custom made. A few days ago we had occasion to wash the cover. We called the store for washing instructions (pleasantly given by the staff) and washed the cover. It was easy to zip off and on and turned out looking like new. This was not a purchase; it was an investment in good sleep! Thank you Dr. Baker.

Jim Reynolds 4th, Aug 2021 (in the last week)

This is the best investment we have made, a great mattress. We have have tried high end mattresses and they still hurt our backs. Heard about Bakers on radio and decided to check it out. They are wonderful to help you get the perfect fit for your body. I had not slept through the night in several years. I am now sleeping 6 or more hours straight and feel so much better. I can actually stand up straight when I get up in the morning without discomfort. This has truly been worth the investment.

Jennifer Bowman 23rd, Jan 2021 (6 months ago)

We have had the mattress system about 6 weeks and so far, amazing!! Sleeping so much better. Highly recommend!

John Fouke 26th, Nov 2020 (8 months ago)

After a few months the bed is the same as when it was installed, no lumps. Love the bed. Bill

Bill Flatt 2nd, Aug 2021 (in the last week)

After more than six months of sleeping on a Baker 3.4 mattress I can honestly say it is the most comfortable and supportive mattress system I've ever slept on. I actually look forward to going to bed now ( I pretty much dreaded it before) and I sleep so much more soundly than I used to on an expensive memory foam mattress I had. Now I always wake up refreshed. I no longer have sore hips or shoulders from pressure points caused by my old mattress while sleeping at night. Amazingly it makes me ready to tackle each new day. I feel that Baker Sleep 3.4 is truly a revolutionary concept in the science of sleep. It is worth every penny I paid for it. Thank you so much Dr. Baker and team for designing and selling this awesomely comfortable bed.

M Clary 9th, May 2020 (a year ago)